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Glint's Egg custody

Mephu Tahm Jr.1962

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Replaying LS2 and when PC asks Ogden who gave the Master of Peace custody of Glint's egg, he says if you didn't see it then you're not supposed to know yet. Was this ever revealed? The voice that speaks to the Master of Peace during the last memory is male, so it could not have been Glint herself. Was it Ogden? Vlast? Or Kralkatorrik?

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I don't think it has been specifically confirmed yet but there are potentially a few entities that I can think of who could have been the unidentified voice.

Vlast is the most obvious one and his voice from his crystals does sound quite similar to the voice in the cutscene.The Master is also looking upwards during that cutscene and begins or seems to be praying, suggesting whoever he's speaking to is much larger than a human, which definitely leans into it being Vlast as he was pretty big at this point in time and towered over humans.The Zephyrites also revere Glint, devote themselves to protecting her legacy (Aurine and Vlast) and some even pray to her so this all just fits together too well imo.I'd say there is a very, very high probability that the unknown entity who gives Aurines Egg to the Master of Peace is Vlast.

Outside of Vlast the other potentials I can think of is one of the Exalted.. or one of the last living Forgotten on Tyria.Both of those have strong connections to Glint as well as each other and the Zephyrites and all of them absolutely consider themselves protectors of her legacy.Tarir was built largely for Aurine as well so her egg was always supposed to be delivered there when it was time for it to hatch.

Glint, The Forgotten, Exalted and Brotherhood of the Dragon/Zephyrites had all planned to fight the Elder Dragons together with Glint's legacies Vlast and Aurine and started planning these events as early as the stirring of Primordus in Gw1 Eye of the North.The Forgotten though have not been seen in the world since their magumma faction last departed for the mists, nobody knows what happened to them but all the remaining Forgotten left on Tyria were in the Crystal Desert when Destiny's Edge fought Kralkatorrik and Glint was killed.These Forgotten attempted to cleanse Kralkatorrik as their species had done with Glint a very long time ago, but they failed and most if not all of them were either wiped out or corrupted by the Crystal Elder Dragon.

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@"Fueki.4753" said:I bet two copper that it was "E".

Jokes aside, I think Vlast is the most likely candidate.However, it could also be possible that it was a Forgotten.

Sure would be a surprise if it was huh, I dunno why but I am really excited to finally come across a living Forgotten in Gw2.They're such a cool race ^^

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