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Who else is hyped for tomorrow

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@Lighter.5631 said:cmc said in stream that the patch is gonna be super small and only touch bird and condi thief

Damn, i've been pairing up with a good bird , in fact this bird (let's call him chirpy cause he's humble and wished to remain anonymous) carried me to Plat whilst i played Berserker. To keep him happy i wore the Superior Rune of Birdseed which procs a handful of birdseed when breaking a stun.

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Well ... 3 vs. 3 is better than 2 vs. 2.Seems like the ideal amount of people for deathmatch.

While I prefer conquest (because of the secondary mechanics on the maps ... making it interesting - at lest for some maps) and did not like 2 vs. 2 ... I can see deathmatch being more interesting with 3 people. I might even try a different build instead of "I don't care ... just playing the same conquest build in 2 vs. 2 until I get enough wins for achievements/leagu chest".

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@Hirosama Nadasaki.6792 said:

@mortrialus.3062 said:Cmc said on a TeaPot stream that somewhere in the pipeline is an upcoming 300 second cooldown nerf to Signet of Illusions. Have fun with that.

Just put a 300 second cooldown on mesmer auto attacks already so people get the hint...

our autos deal no damage anyways, so not much loss there anyways, I only use sword auto to apply 1 vulnerability as cover condi xd

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