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Similarities between DBL and POF maps


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It was apparent from the very first promo screens of PoF that Desert Borderland was part of the same design package. Even though DBL arrived at the same time as HoT it never made any sense at all as part of that expansion - about the only part that bears any resemblance is the oasis with the dinos and even there it's mainly the dinos that do it - the buildings are still more PoF than HoT even there.

Many people assumed DBL was a rejected HoT PvE map, mostly because it seems built for gliding, but now we have mounts you can see it's even more suited to them. And remember the barricades that were taken out in the DBL revamp? Almost exactly the same design crops up in PoF, serving the same purpose, only instead of being destructible you hop over it on a mount.

I've been told that two years before HoT launched there were people working on other non-core game, non-HoT content and that could well have been early PoF development. Certainly DBL suggests the art dept. was already trying out ideas for PoF long before we knew it was coming.

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