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Profession recommendations in 2020 based on personal experience


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I wonder if others agree with my list and if not..I'd love to know why; this is in no way a nerf/buff thread and with that said I will try to explain my reasoning based on personal experienced from encounters and first hand on use.1 to 4 = best to worst

-Strongly recommend [plethora of viable builds, excellent traits surgically placed in convenient locations , mostly unaffected by nerfs..unless extremely heavy handed which doesn't happen]

1) Ranger2) Guardian3) Revenant4) Necromancer

-Recommend [promise of fun and engaging gameplay, great amount of viable traits and builds, can somehow fall behind in the meta from time to time ]

1) Thief2) Warrior3) Engineer4) Mesmer

-Do not recommend [glaring design problems which won't be solved anytime soon, relies on gimmick traits/skills to be worth taking from time to time, highly susceptible to nerfs due to base design problems ]

1) Elementalist

Note= I claim to be nobody and neither I consider my list to be the "ultimate truth" , for this very reason I'd like to share my opinions with others, if you think your "main" is too high or low on the list...please show me yours and explain your thoughts thank you....just don't get mad

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