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If I haven't started Icebrood Saga, will I keep the No Quarter episode?


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I just recently started doing Living World season 3, yesterday I bought season 2. And I still didn't event start PoF, not to mention IBS.So I don't know if I will be able to participate in No Quarter events and if will I keep it after it ends?


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No worry log once when it release and youll have it unlock for ever. Dont need to start anything. Just need to log when it release, if you didnt buy PoF you wont be able to play it but it will still be unlock for your account.

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Literally all you need to do is log into any character and the new episode will be unlocked on your account, then it will be available to you whenever you want to play it.

If you wanted to play it right away you can do that (as long as you have a level 80 character) without having to complete any of the previous storylines. But if you prefer to play them in order you can wait and do it whenever you get to it.

(BTW, for anyone else who might be reading this, that applies to all account types. Even if you have a free account or only the core game you'll still be able to unlock the new episode, and any other new releases in future, just by logging in. Then if you buy PoF in future you'll be able to play it, on any character including ones created after the release period.)

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