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POF Observations (spoilers maybe)


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I had few questions regarding cetain NPCs or places in the expansion.

  1. As i was exploring I noticed that a few NPCs like the Roaring Ether and Enchanted Bramble are not around. Did they go extinct?
  2. I wonder what happened to the Halls of Chokhin? Does the library still exist, moved, or was destroyed?
  3. Dzagonur Bastion has vanished or been destroyed.
  4. Where is the Hidden City of Ahdashim? This one really bugged me cause I really loved the city in GW1. However, it seems that the city still may exist (it might've of moved). I saw Zomorros's Lair but that's not the same. Also, the quests Calling the Order and Greed & Regret, from GW1, both have a path which stops near the current day rift in the Valley of Lyss which I thought was interesting.
  5. Are the rifts areas of power/magic or where portals are? (see above)
  6. I understand the landscape changed when the Dragons awoke. But I'm confused about the Elon River. I know Joko dammed the river, but how was this so effective. I'm looking at the older maps of Vabbi and I see the current Elon River and another small river which isn't directly connected to the Elon River. So, which one did he dam and how does that help take over? Maybe I'm thinking too much in to it cause to me there doesn't look like much change.
  7. Did the beetles (rollerbeetle forms) just morph into Scarabs?
  8. In Destiny's Gorge there is a dog named Tali. Was this dog left behind by the Zephyrites?
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As far as I am aware, it's unknown. Unless someone can find a specific statement saying they did go extinct, I am more inclined to believe that we don't see them because it's a game, thus an abstraction, and the devs likely had other priorities.

The Halls of Chokhin aren't in the space covered by the in-game map, so we have no idea if it still exists or not. However, unless something says it was destroyed, there is no reason to think it was.

Dzagonur Bastion is also not in the area covered by the current in-game map, so we can't confirm if its gone or not. Though it is in an area covered by Kralkatorik's brand, so it was likely twisted by the branding.

The Hidden City is presumably in the same place, hidden in the mountains. We can't reach it in-game, and it is also outside the game map's area.


Joko's problem the first time he tried to conquer Elona was that he outran his supply lines. By damming the Elon River, he was able to divert it, and make the areas north of Desolation farm-able, which in turn gave him far more resources.

Maybe, again, it's a video game, not everything is shown.

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that_shaman's historical map, updated to include the Elonian region, will help to answer the questions about location of GW1 landmarks VS the current maps. The answer is that we don't have all of Vabbi, but most of it. Some of the locations you're missing might be coming in a future LW chapter. Here's a link to the map for reference: http://www.thatshaman.com/tools/guide/?v=3&x=-419.5&y=800&z=1

We don't know what the status of the creatures are. 250 years ago, there were no sand sharks, sand eels, skimmers or springers. Where did these creatures come from? I'm sure the two of these are related.

I don't remember seeing the dog you're talking about, but it could just as likely be from the refugees as left behind from Zephyrites.I have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to the portals/rifts. Clarify, please?

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Thanks for the replies guys!@ Gorgaan Peaudesang: Oh wow I didn't notice that. I'm going to have to look at that.

@ Sajuuk Khar: I see. I think you and the others are right. We currently don't have enough of the map. Maybe it'll be released in upcoming updates.

@ Rognik: There's a dog you run into that constantly follows you around. The dog will even stay with you while AFK. I thought it was interesting. And the rifts I'm talking about are currently in The Mirror of Lyss. Coincidentally, their locations are where the quests Calling the Order and Greed & Regret either passed or ended. Specifically the second quest, which involved Margrid The Sly, the end location is what I believe is the hidden entrance to the Hidden City (technically Dasha Vestibule which leads to the city). And 250+ years later there's a rift-like structure in that spot. It looks similar to a branded storm elemental. I could only find this video which shows the area in GW1 and I tried to compare it to now.

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On the river: far more important than making a green area in the desert (Awakened don't need crops, after all), he denied that water to Elona. The Elon river irrigated most of the country's food production, especially in the Dejarin Estates/Arkjok Ward area. Without it, Joko was able to starve his enemies into submission without relying purely on military conquest.

That said, it does look like at least some of the water has been redirected to its original course. The northernmost stretch is present in the DoV map, albeit much shallower than we remember (either due to Joko keeping it to a trickle, or the fact that it's squarely within the branded zone).

On Tali: one of the refugees, I think either the heart or the scout, claims the dog. Not leftover from the Zephyrites, alas.

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