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Launcher rendering issue

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Looks like it is, indeed, a scaling issue with Windows. I realized after your post, Mordekai, that I have scaling set to 175%. With the GW2 launcher open, I set Window's scaling back to 100%, and the launcher was visually correct. Interestingly, I set it back to 175% with the window still open, and it was still looking right.

Relaunched it today, and the issue is back.

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I first noticed it yesterday, thought it looked odd. Got it again this evening.https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/405207401315434496/716080330007904286/LauncherNoQuarter.JPG

I have my Display settings set to make apps and text 150% bigger, which is needful as I have a 4K monitor and aging myopic eyes. Cycling it to 100% and back to 150% cured it as described above. The launcher still functions when visually glitched, it just loses some edges.

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