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[EU][PvX] Social / Casual Guild - Epic Domination Squad [EDS]


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Hi everyone,

We're a newly formed guild on Aurora Glade - EU LF members to fill our ranks.We're a social / casual PvX guild with a vision to go beyond Tyria.

The idea mainly is to experience everything that Guild Wars 2 has to offer, that includes the older content.And to hopefully grow the guild to the point where we could eventually expand into other games.

Essentially being a community of friends.

We currently have a discord server, however slightly empty at this stage.And I'm also working on creating a guild site, similar to that of shivtr but less focused on one game.

If you're interested in joining or have any questions, please leave a reply here or message me ingame.

EDIT:It has come to my attention that our previous/current guild name (Epic Domination Squad) is immature and we can do better.However no new name suggestions from said people.

Anyway those who are interested in joining, can name suggestions they have for a new name. We'll vote on it.

This guild has been disbanded and a new guild has been created : Hound of Abaddon further info can be found by following the above link

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