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Drizzlewood Coast - Post Meta "Battle Cry" - Timer Duration Too Short

Trevor Boyer.6524

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The achievement "Cache Hunter" is kind of a pain in the ass to complete. You guys have made achievements that work exactly like this before, and I never felt that the timer was too short on any of them. This one in Drizzlewood Coast on the other hand, is just too short of a timer. It should have 60s to 120s added.

You can have a commander tagged up who knows how to get to each boss in an optimal amount of time while leading players to do the same thing. But depending on if your squad is mostly comprised of DPS builds or not, and if the players following are maxed on their essence manipulations, this achievement is too pressed on time vs. kill speed. From what I've been seeing, this achievement is a lot easier to complete with like 5 dudes who are all running raid level DPS builds vs. squad blobs of guys wearing who knows what. When you get 20-30 guys running who knows what, who just taxi'd in with no essence max, the timer on this event just isn't providing enough kill time for PUG squads.

I understand things requiring organization at times, but completing a post-meta like this shouldn't feel like organizing a guild activity for Triple Trouble.

Please add +60s at the least.

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There is no achievement that forces you to kill all bosses during that phase. The order the bosses are spawning is random, so even if you dont get all of them in a single run, after a few runs you should have them all.The 2 times i did it there was still like 3 mins left after the last boss died.

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