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Poll - Should 3v3 stay as a permanant pvp game mode

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I don't like this one mostly because premades were allowed to go against solo players. Having ability to organize group but also to better do things via voice call is super strong. Also premades mixed synergies with their classes so they made very strong compositions. So big NO. 2v2s were better because you could solo carry, in 3v3 you are very highly dependent on allies and focus fire.

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I really enjoy 3v3 and I actually made friends in this game mode ... This size of players can promote positive connection of PvP players.. I started to see people in LFG searching for players.. I have only started playing in party of 3 the last two days before the season ended I wish it was longer so I get to play more. My friends list increased a few from this season. I'd really like arena team to know. Death match is short and quick and fun to play as group. Just like I enjoyed tourney but the waiting time for tourney kills the game

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