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Game stutters/freezes when camera goes from below water to above water.

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I need to ask this. I have been having a problem I only thought was restricted to one map but it seems it is now present in the new one.Ok long story short I am getting a stutter/freeze every time my camera exits water right on the transition between above and below water, this only lasts a split second almost like it is loading something but I don't know what XDIt started happening first in the last treasure room of Tarir the one with water around and now on the new map.This is only present on this two maps for some reason or another and only on this new pc not the old one.

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I have exactly the same problem. Takes about second to unfreeze. It also happend on other maps, especially when other players are present nearby but I don't know if it is related. After battle for Tarnir, the last room is the most prominent situation when every resurfacing causes at least a second of freeze.

Albo - mounts stuck in terrain and camera doesn't follow hero. On minimap character is moving but when you use skill, you are teleported back as if no movement was made. But if give it time, you will be teleported to where you are on minimap. Also happens every time when other ppl are present in larger numbers and sometimes even when no one is nearby.

My computer is quite ok, large battles are fluid, everything is on SSD so loading times are like 5 seconds. But these two problems persist.

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