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Black Lion Miniature Claim Tickets - [Merged]

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Looking at the Wiki the last update was on 25th February, and before that it was 11th December, the time before that was 16th October, but the time before that was 30th July. So it looks like there isn't a fixed schedule, and long gaps have occurred before. Which makes it difficult to know when they'll next update it, but it also means they haven't 'missed' an expected update and there's no reason to think it's been entirely forgotten about.

I have no idea what the process is for deciding when it gets updated, or how they choose which minis are added when they do. Maybe they aim to maintain an approximate value per ticket, or for the minis, and only change it when the current offerings are getting too cheap on the TP. Or maybe they aim for a specific number of returning black lion items but that's split between weapon tickets, mini tickets, wardrobe unlocks and all the other stuff that can come out the chests.

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See Topic. Why is the selection for the mini tickets updated so infrequently? We've had the current offerings for more than six months.

Even if they don't want to keep expanding the offerings to keep some things exclusive, there should be a more consistent rotation so people can grab some of the offerings they missed as they cycle through. Maybe it doesn't have to change every release but at least quarterly. Why even have the tickets drop if they're never going to change the offerings so people can use the ones they get?

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They go usually change a few times a year, not as often as chests from what I remember. Maybe this has just fallen to the side with them all working from home. I have kinda been wondering myself. Usually we would have had a change around SAB and another either now or around Halloween I wana say.

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