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LFGuild NA for WvW on World "Crystal Desert" for my wife a RL friend and I

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My wife and I are returning players to GW2 and have a friend in who has joined us. We are no drama kind of people. I have a level 80 Guardian and Mesmer, my wife has an level 80 Elementalist. Im a long time PvPer, starting back in DAoC with RvR when that game launched and also ESO with Cyrodiil. I have played in top end PvP guilds and know how to follow orders. Also I love switching to what the guild needs for large scale raids in WvW. I have been a raid leader in many games but do not expect anything. So we are looking for a new home. Play time: I play a couple times in the week for WvW normally around 7-11:30 Atlantic time. Normally Mon, Tue, Wed. On weekends A couple of times as well, Friday eve between 7-11:30PM Atlantic time and all over the place on the on Sat and Sun, sometimes in the afternoon and sometimes in the eveneing or both lol.

Can anyone help?


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Hey, if you're interested in a WvW guild, I'm part of a guild called Might and Smarts [MAS] on Anvil Rock. We're a solid and experienced WvW-focused guild looking for friendly, 18+ competitive players who enjoy working as part of a coordinated fight team in a non-toxic, no drama guild. Our community of player friends has been in existence for 7 years. We offer training, support and opportunities for some serious fun. If you're interested, please check us out at https://mas4eva.enjin.com/ or reach out to Ashara#8159 or PRE#9350 on Discord.

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