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Heavy Audio Desync and some loading issues

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For the last weeks I've noticed an increased audio desynchronization, like the sounds of weapons hitting an npc coming seconds later, or cinematics freezing for seconds and then resume with audio delays of a few seconds (npcs move their mouths but their voices come several seconds later), This didn't happen before and it doesn't happen on other games, anyone knows what could be the problem?

I also should add that the map instances aren't loaded up completely, because when I go from one area to the next in the same map the game freezes for some seconds loading up and the sounds problem described above repeats itself. Something similar happens in raids or strikes, when some boss aoes attacks aren't loaded up and I can't see the aoe zones until several seconds later, even if I got into the instance minutes before starting the boss fight . Example of this are Desmina's flame wall, or the Boneskinner's hands aoes (and during these moments the audio is also gone).

Is there a way to fix these issues? its really killing my immersion and ruining the fun of playing gw2

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:Perhaps, the Tech CS Team does? Tried submitting a ticket to them?

I was about to do that, but a friend told me to try reinstalling the game completely. As that was the only thing I didn't try out I did it, and luckily it seems to have fixed the audio desync (that was really the biggest issue I had), I'm happy to no end right now so the problem seems to have been fixed, thank god.

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