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new fractal with old lion arch and scarlet as the main villain.

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Very good ideaFor some players that never saw the old lions arch the only way to see only a part of it is to do one of the personal story missions ( idk which one but ik dat in the end of the mission u get a BLTC key). A good way to revisit the old lions arch is simply adding a fractal for it. I like the idea :)

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With the visions of the past added to introduce dragon's watch, they may eventually bring back ls1 in a playable form for new players, so the encounter with Scarlet will be added... as an instance, a strike, fractal, raid, or something else.

At least that's my hope so that new players won't feel as badly this gaping hole in how the story unfolds.

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The less the game will remind me of Scarlet, the better. IMO she was the lowest point in GW2 storytelling (with maybe the sole exception of that Shining Blade oath in One Path Ends). As such, it's far better for her to remain conveniently forgotten.

I could get behind reinstating Twisted Marionette fight in some form though - that was quite a cool world boss.

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