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Best Class To PVP And WWVSWW


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3v3? Conquest? Roaming? Zerg? Bronze? Silver? Plat?

This is not a question that can be answered simply because the answer changes based on what game mode you're playing and at what level of skill.

For example, revenant is widely regarded as one of the best PvP classes at the moment. But it's also a difficult class to play well, so you typically don't see it dominating at lower rating tiers.

Long story short, play what you want. The meta won't stay the same forever anyway.

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@"Nupix.3697" said:I want to know your opinions because recently have so much buffs and nerfs, i want to know your top 3 class for pvp and wwvsww and why. Thank You Have Good Games!

Let's start saying that there's very different roles inside some of those game modes. A roaming or duelling build in WvW oftenly has nothing in common with a large team WvW zerg build. And what works fine or even great in Conquest, like some bunker builds, can be useless in WvW roaming because you're slow moving, there's no "core point" to defend and some other specs can poke you at range to death without bothering of how long it will take (whereas in PvP contesting a point for enough time may make the build worthly even if you end dying).

The best classes for WvW roaming are the ones with broad access to stealth and disengagement tools, because the main goal is to not die and being able to reset unfavourable match ups, so Thief, Mesmer and Ranger have the upper hand, albeit due the stat combos available in WvW some bunker variants of Elesn and Engies can become unkillable.

In WvW large group fights Guardians and Revs are usually the backbone of the mele tag group, whith Necros and Eles being the ranged dps and Eles and Engies the close support.

In PvP conquest Thieves are usually the best +1/decappers, Guardians and Eles the best support classes and Necros and Revs the best at delivering AoE pressure and cc.

So there's not a "one class/build match all needs".

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sPvP is different than WvW. sPvP is more about rotating points and outnumbering people with limited build diversity and virtually preset builds due to that.

WvW is more of a "PvP" environment where you fight to kill. Mobility is more important the less people you play with. Survivability and group support with lots.

I would first ask yourself which environment you play more, sPvP or WvW?

If it's WvW, then do you prefer to play solo/with another person or two, with a group, or a zerg (primarily). From that I can offer better suggestions.

If it's sPvP do you prefer to get to points faster? Stand on a point longer? Can't really think of much else to it, it's kind of a brain dead game mode.

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