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Breaking Morale. Who's morale? Mine or theirs?

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For the most part, I had nothing but praise for the achievement lineup for this episode. There's a lot of good Charr skins, which they were sorely lacking. A lot of cool weapon designs, where only one is time gated to a minimum of six days. Which... fine. It'll probably take me longer to grind through the Four legions achievements. Those achievements reward tracks are also worth quite a large amount, so i don't mind the length.

But Breaking Morale? Holy shit, what was going on in your heads with this one. It's not a hard strike. But it's not fun after the first three times. If your luck is bad, this strike is incredibly unprofitable outside of a daily. And i'm not about to pop in once a day for fifty days. I figured, fine I'll just do ten a day... and that will line up with the tengu achievement. Except by round six I'm already demoralized and my fingers took on the shape of a pretzel!

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It seems that the game started to miss the devs who left ANet last year. The replacements worked on other MMO/s where such an approach is normal. I don't know if you realize that everything in this episode revolves around massive (reported to what we know about GW2) repetition - aka grind - and more disturbing in a cooperative game, we have competition. We have to compete for destroying structures in every fort/village. We have to compete for flying baloons. We have to compete for choppers. We have to compete even for repairing structures.

Nobody on ANet realizes how demoralizing is to make some activities mandatory? YES, during the game I think I would open 100 chests using keys. But now, being mandatory, this has a bitter taste. YES, the strike mission is OK and I think that 50 wins is something every player can do. But "do 50 Cold War Strike" for Mastery Points? HM - I think I will take a loooooong pause after completing these 50 wins. Why in a hurry to do 50? Because of the Mastery Points.

I agree with you OP. This general approach breaks our morale.

Note: Another morale breaker related with this episode: The devs took their time to change the way the mission scrolls rewards you. They took their time to correct a minor bug (most of us found about it today, in the notes) in order to deny the players to receive not deserved chests when not being in the strike. I don't found any information about the missing MP from this mission except an advice to not open the reward chest containing the MP in the instance. But what about the players who already missed it? No time i guess.

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