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[Sound] No Quarter - Evacuation Alarm Not Working

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I heard it once at the end of the story and the very first time the map meta reset after that. All of this was on the first day.

But I've never heard it since (and I've done the meta a lot -- got most of the achieves done). I thought maybe it was tied to music audio, but mine isn't turned all the way off and the I recall the siren being quite loud.

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I heard it the first day that the map was out, afterwards it never happened again.I also can't recall I ever got hit by the supposed "artillery strikes" that I was warned about, even though I was out in the open, just gathering materials here and there.

It might be a coincidence, but I think I noticed sound and artillery disappearing after they had fixed the issue where the meta was not resetting and stuck at a 0:00 timer.

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