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Drizzlewood Coast


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It's beautiful, the WvW type events are fun and overall I give the zone 8.5/10.

Some things you need to look into are how events scale to the number of players, give more hp to enemies, also give them more powerful skills. This is not only critic for this zone but for the whole game.

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The map is really pretty, but, It's super annoying that you can't get more MP's unless you basically live on the map. I still need six more MP's to fill the last two ' Essence' Mastery tracks from Bjora, because I needed to use my Bjora MP's for Drizzlewood . They're all trained, but lacking enough MP's. Speaking of Bjora and Grothmar those need to be fixed too, as far as MP's go. I still don't have the Plant the Banners achieve, because it's requirements are so ridiculous, and I can never seem to find the mobs to complete Party Guardian, when I'm on the Grothmar map. Being forced to live on a map to get MP's is boring at least, at worst it makes you dread going to a map that you may have liked at first. If you didn't need MP's to progress in the game, it would be different. I don't need some new weapon or armor skin, but I need MP's.

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