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Necro flesh wurm portout

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@wevh.2903 said:

@xWiroo.3841 said:necro can port out it the wurm is alive, go check if theres an alive wurm around next time.

how do u check is there is a wurm? u just walk aroud the map cheking every place and then engage in mid team fight? thats a good tactic

you play the same way you play against other classes with cooldowns, you assume its always up unless you have information that its not.when you move between points you can rotate camera around corners to look for it too + it has cast time so as long as you know necro used it and if you keep them within vision you know if he placed it or not.

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@"Dadnir.5038" said:If the necromancer portout it mean you won the fight anyway, why the fuss?

losing a fight is not the only reason to port out, but i also have to ask, what's the fuss? its not hard to find or kill. if you give me a "buff" on my bar, then everyone and their mom will just hunt it down and it'll be useless.

leave as is.

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save a gap closer, and port to him at the worm.charge at him force him into reaper then port to worm/kill it while he wastes life force deciding to run/port, then chase him down/murder him.if you don't manage your skills a worm necro is annoying, if you manage skills he is ez food.you can port to worm, and hit necro with range burst, most often they'll port without thinking, and you can eat them.

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