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Report: Stuck in Queue

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Compensation should be due from ArenaNet to all affected players; this huge bug is going to deprive a lot of players from both the rare PvP bonus event and progress during this season.

Stuck in queue, this issue is super annoying and needs a permanent fix, that fact this is still something that happens years later is shameful.

Hello, i am to unable to que up for solo and or compete, i had a friend of mine invite me to a party and i could que on my side but once i left party was then unable to que up again, i've notice this happen after my computer shutdown randomly and i got Dishonor Timeout.

i uninstalled GW2 and reinstalled but still will not allow me to even click on 1 of ether pvp Buttons, please help what may i do to fix this or if i can do any thing at all.P:s : this happens to my account and all my different Characters.

please and thank you for the help

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