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3v3 Build/Comp Theorycrafting Diversity


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So I know how much you guys love balance and complaining about whats OP, but here's some interesting build/comp ideas I created for 3v3. It goes to show how 3v3 can be balanced, just requires a little bit more thinking and effort. Also I utilize a few underplayed classes like scrapper, berserker, soulbeast, and even thief that many wouldn't think would be viable in 3v3. Maybe 3v3 helps to flesh out the game's class system potential because despite conquest being more diverse due to rotation, it also motivates people to play the optimal rotation role builds. Yes, if you are solo queueing you probably want to play FB or Condi Rev or Necro, but try getting a premade through lfg or friends and making a decent comp you can be good at rather than one you can't be bad at.

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0:00 - Burning Nightmare

Burning Berserker[&DQIWPTM+EimmAKcAagBqAKsA4gFxAKgAwhKcAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]Rabid BalthazarMace/Shield Absorption/Cleansing Sword/Torch Smoldering/Energy

Fire TempestMenders RadianceDagger/Focus(or Warhorn) Energy Absorption[&DQYfOhEtMD/HEnQAdBIAAOsAAACQAAAAmRIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]

Condi Reaper[&DQgnGhMvIhnBEhIA8RJ0Ab0BcwGmEpkBAxOSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]Wizard AristocracyScepter/Dagger Courage/Energy Axe/Warhorn Courage/Exposure

6:45 - Wombo Combo


Staff Thief[&DQUcJiwnBzoKAQwBWABYAVcBVwEZATMBDgEOAQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]Marauder ScholarStaff Revocation/Energy Dagger/Pistol Absorption/Energy

Explosives Holo[&DQMGGh0aORooARQBYQEHAV4BigFfAYYA+RKJAQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]Demolisher StrengthSword/Shield Energy Courage

11:24 - Cleave 2

Scourge[&DQgTPTIaPDV+FgAAchYAAHMBAAC9AQAAYBcAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]Mender's SanctuaryAxe/Focus Revocation/ Staff Energy/Absorption

Firebrand [&DQEqNTErPhlLFwAAUxcAADYBAAAEAQAANwEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]Menders RevenantAxe/Shield Energy/Cleansing Scepter/Focus Energy/Cleansing

Condi Herald[&DQkDFw4WNC/cEQAABhIAACsSAADUEQAAyhEAABANAAAGEtQRKxIAAAAAAAA=]Sage/Carrion ResistanceMace/Axe Exposure/Doom Sword/Shield Energy/Cleansing

13:00 - Godmode Soulbeast

Sic em Soulbeast[&DQQgKwgvNzd5AHgAuwC4AJYBmgClAZYBLhbtAC4eAQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]Berserker DivinityLongbow Separation/Exploitation Greatsword Energy/Intelligence

Shout Spellbreaker[&DQILKzM+PSemAHAAagCyACcWqwCoAGoA7gCcAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=] Menders SoldersDagger/Shield Absorption/Revocation Mace/Warhorn Energy/Cleansing

Firebrand [&DQEqNTErPhlLFwAAUxcAADYBAAAEAQAANwEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]Menders RevenantAxe/Shield Energy/Cleansing Scepter/Focus Energy/Cleansing

20:35 - Immovable Objects

Scrapper[&DQMvFx0nKxnZEioPDhNeASQBjQGVARMB+RKDEgAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]Menders HeraldHammer Absorption/Cleansing

Renegade[&DQkDKQk9Pz/cEdwRBhIGEisSKxLUEdQRyhHKEQ8RDw4rEgYS1BEGEisS1BE=]Menders Mad KingShortbow Purging/Absorption Staff Energy/Cleansing

Burn Guard[&DQEQGi4bGxsDAQMBNgGKAEwBLQFLATUBNwE3AQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]Carrion BalthazarScepter/Focus Doom/Energy Sword/Torch Intelligence/Smoldering

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