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[EU] [PVE] When Faren Lost his Pants [HOT] is looking for you!


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Greetings heroes!

If you consider the loincloths all the new fashion rage or if you have learned the ways of the jungle, our guild is just for you! Or if you like the versatility of loincloths in the hot climate of the Crystal Desert, even Joko has one of those! Either if you are an experienced player that knows all that or just a new one trying to learn, our casual and social circle might be the perfect group to enjoy Tyria with! We are a social oriented, casual guild where interaction primes over your standard "lf [insert game mode here]”. We focus mainly on PvE: be it fractals, dungeons, jumping around without pants or chilling at the guild hall!We continually implement new events to introduce new members to the game or keep our veteran players entertained. Lord Faren might have suffered in Elona but we carry the fun onto the Crystal Desert and beyond!

Our current events:• Dungeon Crawling! We explore one full dungeon at a time• DEFCON-1! Strike Missions!• Quiz Night, are you smarter than a skritt?• Raids: We Wipe at Vale Guardian!• Desert Bounties Galore! / Meta Events / Discord games!• Guild Meeting and Guild Missions on Sundays!

But that is not all, we also offer a variety of other events like:"The Great Naked Pilgrimage Of Lord Faren" (or TGNPOLF for short) - escort Faren's cousin Jack through the most dangerous places in Tyria, Quaggan Ball - come kick the quaggan (no quaggans harmed during the event), Seasonal drawing contests -draw Lord Faren like one of your french guys), Fashion Contests - walk the catwalk at our Red Light DistrictNo guildie will force you to play anything you don't want to. No meta builds needed, just come and smash bootoons! We also go into raiding sometimes. You think your butter fingers cannot perform a rotation? No problemo, I don't even know what a rotation is! Want to try out this strange build that allows you to never dodge? Come right in! Are you over 18? Perfect, then you'll fit right in!Our Discord channel is always active. Discuss your general day with fellow hotties, tell us about your favourite books, or cat memes, or memes in general.

You can learn more about us by visiting our webpage, following us on twitter or by contacting Dekina.4759 or Lord Arkintol.1645No matter the content you will always have a group of friends and their Mini Southsun Faren to accompany you!

Come, to adventure!

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