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Can you salvage insignias?

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Ok so i spend this month getting all the mats for an ascended harrier set for my Revenant. I crafted the insignias and went to the armorsmith vendor to buy the recipes and they are not there. I then found out they are drop only and rare. You can buy them in the trading post but they are so expensive it would be cheaper to just buy the mats to recraft a different set. Is there any way to salvage these things to get any of my mats back or are they just vendor trash now?

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My bad, I misread your original post and thought you were talking only about the insignias.

Some Ascended recipes seem to have been designed with limited sources, not certain why. Unfortunately if you've crafted the Ascended insignia already, I don't think they're salvageable.

The only other source for the recipes is two longish collections requiring unlocking of exotic Warbeast and Bounty Hunter armor. That would net you two of the 6 recipe sheets, but isn't really a solution for a whole set. Alternatively you could craft a different Ascended armor set and re-craft the exotic Harrier's insignia to do a stat change in the Mystic Forge. But then you'd still be out all the mats for the 6 Ascended insginias.

You can try submitting a Support Ticket for your insignias as well and see if they can refund you the mats. Support queues are a bit long at the moment though, so it might be awhile.

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