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Next Expansion - high seas to Cantha suggestion

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With the strong hint that we are going to Canta in the next expansion, I'd like to see it start out with a high seas adventure. Piracy was a big thing in the lore of LA, I'd like to see the Commander, some members of Dragon's Watch disguise themselves as pirates while on an undercover mission to Cantha. Their mission could initially be to covertly establish an Asura gate somewhere hidden to gain a foothold there; either in a hidden cave or just sink the ship leaving it with the covert Asura gate in a pressurized part of the ship on the sea bottom. That would make a perfect time to add an aquatic mount which could be used to survey the coastline below water to find an underwater cave/river system to come out farther inland and avoid coastal outposts. The aquatic mount could pull cargo through the water carrying supplies and equipment.

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My theory still is that Bubbles (as a Cthuluh-styled monster) will start to attack us and Jormag persuades us to come on her side because of "Ice fortifies. Ice protects." ;) That way the story would lead us to the Unending Ocean and then to Cantha.

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