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The World Boss Portal Device could use a small modification to make it better than it already is.

In the Guild Screen, our weekly Guild Missions show a Treasure Chest icon next to them.

  • If the chest is closed, hovering your pointer over it brings up a tool tip that says "You are eligible for rewards from this mission."
  • If the chest is open, hovering your pointer over it brings up a tool tip that says "You have already received rewards from this mission."

I suggest the same thing be done with the WBPD (changing "mission" in the tool tips to read "World Boss", of course).


This is just a simple visual notification. Nothing prevents the player from fighting the boss again if he likes, even though he's already received a reward chest once. No other prompts are needed.

(PLEASE don't even consider a stinkin' popup that says "You have already received a reward chest from this World Boss since the last server reset. Only one chest is awarded during each 24-hour server period. Are you sure you wish to continue?" Confirmation prompts generally suck unless they're for deleting valuable stuff.)

What do you think? For me, reset occurs pretty much in the middle of my at-home free time. Sometimes I do stuff before reset, and sometimes after. I'd like to pick up tomorrow wherever I left off today, but I don't always remember which ones I've completed. And I'd just as soon be off doing OTHER game tasks than fighting a World Boss that isn't going to give me a chest. Is this something you guys would appreciate?

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