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LFG that is U.K. Mainly on NA (Blackgate)

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Hello, I am currently looking for a guild on NA Blackgate that has a decent amount of UK/Euro players. I live in GMT-7 and work night shifts therefore it is around 5 P.M. In london/UK when I finish work for the day. (work 10pm - 7am my time). Most NA players are still sleeping or getting ready to go to work at this time so hopefully there is a group that plays during my time.

I enjoy all aspects of the game, LW maps, sPvP, WvW, Fractals and would also like to get into raids. Been playing since launch at mastery lvl 231 and going up (took me a while to want to do HoT grinding)

If anyone is interested you can message me here or send a mail in game to Darth Tatter.9145

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