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question about LW4

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the character i want to use for LW4 only has done POF until the riverlands; do you get different/bonus dialogs if you completed the path of fire story or is it okay to jump straight into S4? (I've already finished the whole story on another character so i'm aware of what happens in the plot)

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Sometimes there are specific dialogue lines depending on what choices were taken earlier, but that seems to mostly happen within a campaign (e.g., personal story up to zhaitan can reference past choices, but I haven't seen anything in hot/pof reference those past decisions).

So, it's most likely certain you can play ls4 and not get any reference to key choices in pof main story.

For the most part, story dialogue just assumes you've done your past sections without referencing the story choice paths, so in that sense it'll just be generic.

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The only reference I've noted in LW4 to PoF completion, is at one point Joko mentions if you chose his banners for Amnoon or not.

If you haven't done the quest that lets you pick which banners to use in Amnoon, the game acts as if you didn't opt for Joko's army.

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