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Long duration buffs and skill radius


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I have a post coming soon on ways to improve the support system and support skills, but I'd like to get this out there...

Playing a support role in gw2 is the most off putting experience in-game for many reasons, and we need to make changes so playing support roles is fun and rewarding.

Currently, the support skill designs forces players to huddle up within a certain radius, but combat was designed to have players move... See the issue I'm getting at? It's counterproductive, and becomes needlessly frustrating for support players...

Stack and spam gameplay is not really groundbreaking, or even fun, so I'd like to suggest a first step to making improvements by trying out long duration buffs. Second, increase the raduis of buff skills... Having these 2 changes would encourage more players to take team support skills, while still "fitting in" to the movement oriented design of combat.

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