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LF help to choose a class

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I'll need a bit of help to choose a fun class to play.I don't plan to do Raid.

1st, I've played since 1 month since I get this account and have try :

  • Necro - Reap - Scourge => Minion army was funny (15 pet wtf xD), but that not what I look for.
  • Warrior - Spellbreaker => don't like it
  • Mesmer - Mirage => Boring
  • Guardian - Dragonhunter => Boring

Now, about me, I'm an ex- hard Raider and come here to chill.That said I struggle to find a fun class who fit me due to the lack of rôle.

I love support/heal my team but, I don't want to struggle when solo and don't want to carry multiple gear.Do a class like this exist ?

Also, last thing, I'm more into "magic-style" but somehow, here most build end-up with sword, axe, bow... Very few scepter/staff so I never feel like this even on necro :/ )

So here I'm, asking to this beautiful community if they can give me some advice.I don't care if meta or not, if gear are expensive or class hard to play.I'm not afraid to learn and farm as needed.

Have a nice day !

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So, magic-style class, capable of playing healing/support roles, but good for solo play and uses staff and/or scepter? Well, you passed on necro and mesmer, so that really only leaves elementalist. Ele can play staff or scepter and the tempest spec is one of the best healer/support specs in the game. But I don't know of a build that will give you everything you want all rolled into one, unfortunately. And though ele is probably my favorite class in this game, I've actually never really tried it with anything other than melee weapons because, to me, damn the concept, I just find melee elementalist builds very fun to play!

You might check out this thread I put up in the ele folder the other day. It features a fantastic build for open world play that is absolutely monstrous on both sustain and damage. Unfortunately, it's no good for healer/support role and uses sword/focus, not staff or scepter. But it's a start and the thread is about finding builds for open world/story play, so maybe if you ask there one of the other forum dwellers can recommend something that would be a better fit?


Here's one of my open world boss solo videos on sword weaver. I know it isn't your typical "mage", but maybe you'll see something you like?

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Thank you, I'll look at this.I've never consider Ele since it seem always use to DPS.

I've also look at druid since it seem the more common support.Was about to ask if an hybrid playing is zealot staff/lb (or lb/axe-horn since CA already give a healing option) can be good enough for low fractal and open ?Tbh I'm a bit loss, gw2 has a very unique focus on class/role so it's a bit disturbing.

For Necro that actually the one I play the most, changing build everyday.Maybe a condi scourge can fill the gap between both role, idk.

I'm not really asking for a solution here tbh, more for advice so I can make my choice easier.

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