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FPS drops over time

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So I'm experiencing an annoying issue with the game lately ever since the release of PoF in the new maps and beyond.

I was getting it for the first time when I linked GW2 to steam so I could use the overlay for quick web access but from what Iv'e been told the steam overlay can cause FPS drops in many games, so I stopped using steam and walla the problem was solved I could play GW2 like a king on the highest settings...that was until PoF was released and the problems are back now I can't even play with firefox open nor closed and to play like a human being even on the lowest settings.

I want to be clear about this I could and still can play on highest settings even on ultra with no problem and to get 50~40 FPS. this issue happens only often it actually happen wayyy to often lately but I usually run this game very smoothly.

What I tried to do is to set top priorty in the GPU and in the NVIDIA settings to this game to fix the FPS problems but it didn't work. So how can I fix that?

My specs:Intel Core i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz16.0 GB MemoryWindows 10 64-bit OSNVIDIA Geforce GTX 960M

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@Sismis.5390 said:Before windows the creators update i had disabled game dvr via registry,Now its back and intergrated crap and turned on.You have to go into xbox system setting and shut everything off.

Well I disabled all the windows applications + windows updates something like a half year ago so nothing is running while I play video games.

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