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Harbinger Shroud is bugged and the radius scales to your character's height.

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Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/oZsI7nP

As a Scourge, you are able to take the trait Herald of Sorrow which changes your F5 skill to a timed explosion. Once pressed, a yellow AoE appears around your character and fills up. Once full, the explosion goes off and anyone in the AoE receives barrier. However, the size of the yellow indicator scales to player height.

As you can see in the imgur album, when I use an embiggening tonic and a miniature tonic, the size of the indicator changes. The yellow AoE should always be the exact same size as the green AoE of the Sand Shade. However, it's not just tonics that affect this. Character size is also an issue. A max height Norn will have a much larger indicator than a minimum height Sylvari. However, the actual radius is the same exact size as a Sand Shade (300). In the album, even when I don't use a tonic, the radii don't line up because I have a very small Sylvari.

As such, it's impossible to actually know how large the radius is when a Sand Shade is not placed.

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