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New Necro help power or cond? Pre Elite spec

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I'd say something like this.

Should give you plenty of survivability and damage to level up, do HP's, participate in open world events and the like, while being fairly cheap to put together.

After which you can transition into E-Spec builds such as Power Reaper using Berserker gear or Condi Scourge builds using Viper gear.

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Hello,Not an expert but I'be level up mine less than a month.And made this build the time I get reaper/scourge (I even keep it a long time testing condi reap/scourge).It was very easy to solo everything. Pet tank almost everything, take condition at your place and put it back on ennemy.You've almost always Protection, 20+Might, 15+ Vulnerability and lot of heal from parasitic contagion.

I find fun to do damage with the fear too ; you got 3 of them, 3 of shroud, spectral circle for a very long one (don't work one break bar, dunno if it' s abug or not cuz other fear work..) and the last from the staff 5.Also feared target take 33% more dmg.

"Blood is power" is a very strong bleed who work well with the build but I don't like self condi, even if I can remove them. And I wanna stick with the fear trait, personal choice, change if u want.

I maximise bleed uptime since most of you damage come from this (we're at 100% more uptime).

That what I used, probably not the optimal build, but it allow me to faceroll most HoT & PoF champ (even some bounty).and for HP, If I died sometime it's mostly because I didn't pay enough attention.That said, be warned, easy build like this are fun at the start, but atm I feel really bored cuz I feel carried by the build and in other side I'm so used to be tank that I've trouble playing other class.

Power necro is fun to, I play it these day, even in core it's strong, but not as strong as condi imo.

Have a nice day.

Almost forgot, the build : gw2skills.net/editor/?PSwAsiZlFwmYVsO2IOeLvnSA-zxIU8o7fQYzFqqQpqvB-e

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I would choose power over condi in general, especially when doing core content because ANet never fixed all the places where they made things immune to condi. It is not a huge deal since you can still complete stuff eventually but it is annoying at every encounter where it happens.

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