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Pair of Experienced Players looking for Friendly PvX NA Guild

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Hi there fellow Tyrians! My fiancé and I have been on the hunt for a friendly PvX guild for a while now. We are long time Guild Wars 2 players who have been around since beta. We actually met playing this game through mutual friends that I ran into during my time in Guild Wars 1.

We both went on hiatus for several months but have returned to the game and fallen back in love with it again. We’ve joined a couple guilds on and off trying to find one that is a good fit but it’s been difficult finding the right one. So we thought we’d post here and see if any recruiters thought their guild might work well for us.

Here’s a bit of an idea of what we are looking for. We both really enjoy achievement hunting, world exploration, Fractals, Dungeons, and even some WvW. (We are on FA but are willing to move servers. We used to be old TC players before the megaservers were put into place.)

The biggest thing is we are looking for a mature, social PvX guild. Honestly the pair of us are a bit shy at first but honestly, we’d love to find a guild that we can socialize with after we get to know you, run missions, do events; That sort of thing. We are both in our early thirties, we have jobs and tend to play between 6pm -9pm weekdays and anytime till 9pm on the weekends (EST). We like our sleep lol so we don’t tend to stay up terribly late. But what we do want is to be a part of a guild again that we can help to grow. We are really looking for a mature close-knit group that fosters an environment of togetherness and fun.

Please let me know if you think your group might be a good fit. Feel free to reach out here in this thread or in game. My fiance's gamer tag is The Pied Piper.9827 if he happens to be online and I'm not.


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We sent a message in-game to her but haven't heard anything yet.I think we'd be the perfect fit for you guys in term of contents as well as environment.We're a mature, and social guild with genuine folks over 30s, and some in their 20s, 40s.Most of us don't need sleep because we already got beauty. JK. Lol.But since we have a tight schedule when it comes to adult life, we try to have as much fun as we can whenever we play in both Discord and in-game.We have a whole spectrum of players who have been with the game since beta to new spanking players.We also have a lot of couples that met through the game and still respectfully play together with us.You could find out more about us through this link: https://www.reddit.com/r/guildrecruitment/comments/baepkm/napvxintense_pleasure_mmm_chill_guild_lfm_filthy/

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