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Was moved to a different home server?


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I made my home server Sea of Sorrows when i first started playing , woke up this week and started to world vs world for gift of battle - then I saw that sorrow's furnance is now my home server?? Do you get booted from a server depending on your pvp activity?

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No, you were probably on a guest server but were paired with Sea of sorrows who was the host server, meaning you appeared as a sos player instead of representing your actual server. When you go to the main wvw window, look for Sorrow's Furnace and the house icon, hover your mouse around there somewhere where it says Sorrows Furnace+, and you will see your server nameOr you can see what your actual server is at character select menu.Edit: Sorrows furnace is now paired with Fort Aspenwood. So I'm guessing your server is actually sf. Since it is a smaller server it gets paired with bigger servers on the last friday of every 2nd month (usually).

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