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[Video] Power Mirage PvP - How to ride a dead horse

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hi new vid up. pvp roaming (ats and 3v3 season) with power mirage. its pretty long (ye i know sry) and again something between a twitch vod upload and a montage. so it has voice audio in most parts (english and german, when german with engl. subtitle included in the vid). its just a funny compilation of stuff. lot of footage is simply used bc of the audio, at parts are mostly to show some portal plays. long live the gallows humor (which is needed to have at least a bit of fun even tho the mes elite balance is still horrible and power mirage viability highly questionable). i hope you can enjoy the vid, even tho its very long again ;)

pls give a like, comment and subscribe also on youtube if you want to support my channel! o/

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@Stand The Wall.6987 said:why not go power core mes?

it lacks mobility even more than one dodge mirage, would not even make sense to run portal with core then, you are too slow moving from a to b with that short portal duration to make it work with core. also i played core power for 4+ years and mirage (on power at least) is mechanically harder to play and more challenging (even tho one dodge killed the mechanic pretty much) and for that more fun for me. matter of taste i guess (aside from the mobility thingy). thx for watching :)

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Hey Jazz,It's very honorable seeing such good player playing power build.It is right that is not meta but you make playing mirage worth.

For me you are the strongest, funniest and bravest Power Mesmer. :)

Let's play and go the way together!Regards,Ace

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