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Looking for italian players to Raid with and have fun [EU]


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Hello there, we're looking for some people to form a raid group!Our idea is to try to cover all key roles for every wing, so that we can coordinate better and use the LFG system as little as possible.Ideal requirements are 250li or 35kp per boss (wings 1-4) and 10kp for wings 5-7.We are looking for chill people who enjoy the idea of beating bosses and having fun with it! We have a discord server and an in game guild (no rep required), we don't mind swearing, granted that everyone is respectful towards each other.ideal time would be Monday/Tuesday 21:00, but we are open to suggestions.

If you're interested contact Erif I.9368 or Miri.8379 in game. See you around!

P.S. Italian language is best for us since not all of us feel comfortable speaking english due to the language barrier. If you're not italian but you know the language feel free to contact us anyway!

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