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Glider preview sucks.

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The glider preview is pretty much useless as to get a good idea of what the glider looks like. This goes ESPECIALLY for gliders with a very flat shape because you're viewing it straight in at the wing and you can only turn it left and right, meaning you can't see how those gliders really look.

Arenanet, please fix it so we can turn the camera angle up and down as well, so we can actually see what we are buying without having to use other sources to view it and not get a feel for how it goes with the character.

And speaking of gliders..How about fixing the deploying issue with the 'Hawk Wings' glider on asura. It doesn't deploy(unfold) fully when holding W while deploying the glider. There's also an issue with the 'Scaled Dragon Wings' glider backpack cover on all races. The wings deploy(unfold) when jumping normally without the glider activating. When jumping normally the wing should remain folded on the characters back.

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@Trise.2865 said:You know you can move it in three dimensions, right?

Nope. You can rotate it horizontally, but not vetically. For some gliders that's ok, for others it makes it difficult to see what they really look like. For example you can't see the guild logos clearly on the magic carpet glider and you can't see the logo on the Heart of Thorns glider because you have to be looking straight down at it - from the side it just looks like random black and green swirls. With some of the bigger gliders it's also difficult to get the whole thing visible in the window at once.

The preview window as a whole has been in need of updates for a long time. There's similar problems with previewing everything. But this one seems like it would be a simple change, considering it is possible to rotate mounts so you can see them from overheard. If they could do the same with gliders it would at least be a step in the right direction.

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