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[FA][PvE/WvW] LFG Returning Casual


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So 4 years ago I had to quit ... got married, had a kid, changed jobs, completed college, and bought a house ... all in the same year. Formerly Hardcore WvW. Looking to only come back casual now that life is stabilizing again. Never used Discord ... we used TeamSpeak, oof. Times change, we have to adapt. Mostly playing 9-12PM ish US Eastern. Cannot do a lot of talking on Discord due to sleeping child, but can listen (always need more listeners, eh?!).

In the past 7 days I have unlocked most of the PvE mounts, finished PoF and 100% on maps. Finishing last piece (reward track) for WvW mount (13/40 progress). I have an 80 of all professions but have only played Ele since I returned. Ele was meant for WvW Support. Will be catching up with Guardian and Mesmer. Already have 2 sets of ascended gear and 3 Gen1 legs, but probably need to update them since game has changed a bit. I do have +17 in agony infusions, but never used them or completed any fractals.

Hoping to find others that need help or want to run together.

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