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gw2 lagging

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normally my ping is pretty good, but at times everyone I know starts lagging hard core....I got up to 1000+ ping....something going down with servers? because so many people complain in map chat. effects pvp,pve,wvw doesn't matter where go...oh and I play other games and they are online work fine. just gw2 =P

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Agree, some maps are barely playable these days. Trying to do Bjora Marches achievments, but Im bombarded by lag-spikes constantly. And no, internet is fine. Other online games and vanilla GW2 maps are running perfectly without any latency.

I remember this was the main issue which forced me to stop playing Guild Wars several months ago. I hoped that these lagspikes will be history after so long time... so Anet either cannot solve the problem (not on their end) or are failing hopelessly do fix it :D

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