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Wreckage nodes (Unable to gather)

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I've seen that too, and also maybe related (maybe not) is that I'm seeing not all mining tools work equally well with some salvage nodes. For example with the unbound mining beam, I'll sometimes be standing right next to the wreckage and the mining beam will shoot off into the distance and I get no supplies mined. It's almost like the visible wreckage is in a different location than the actual wreckage. But yet if I use the wardrobe to switch to a different mining skin such as the volatile magic mining pick, then it works just fine. It's very odd.

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What if the real bug is, that this nodes are drawn beside their real position? This would/could explain this strange position in the asura home instance and sometimes the strange positions, unabke to gather. But of course a dev has to look at this and they should know.

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You'll notice that you're unable to equip/unequip gathering tools while mining or in combat, and that there's various bugs in the past related to swapping weapons while mining, this is because the mining tool replaces your weapon temporarily.

So if you have an enemy or ally targetted, it not only fails to work, but does all kinds of weird things.

But the nodes spawning in unreachable locations is definitely a problem.

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