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LS3 Map Currency


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Can we please make LS3 map currencies available in a newer map? Just like how Bjora gives an option to purchase all LS4 map currencies.

LS3 maps are always empty , even in prime time. These make achievements and currency farming for legendaries almost an impossible task and most importantly, makes it an extremely boring task with not much people to talk to.

All I am asking for is something that already exists with the current game such as LS4 map currency being able to be purchased in a newer map such as Bjora.

So can we please do the same for LS3 map currency? At least, playing the game for achievements and legionaries will become more fun as I can play a newer map with more people, yet accomplish my achievements.

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@Makuragee.3058 said:

@Ayrilana.1396 said:You don’t need to do metas or events to farm currencies.

Yeah but without them it take much more time tho

Of course they’ll take more time because you’d be ignoring a source for the currencies but it’s not that detrimental to the overall time. Maps have a ton of nodes that you can farm and there are of course the hearts. The only LS3 map that I found a pain to farm currency for was Ember Bay.

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