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[EU] Seraphim Order [Ankh] (Smallish, Social, Play as you want, Real Life First.)


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Ahai to all,

The Seraphim Order has opened its doors once more!

What do we offer?

We’re mostly casual with a laid-back view on the game itself.
Our members often study, have a job, or are otherwise occupied throughout the day or week; preventing them from being active on a daily basis. Therefore [Ankh] is a guild that prioritizes life. We use discord or in-game chats to stay in touch, have guild meetings, and gather-up in-game occasionally.We'd like to welcome you by offering the following:

  • A relaxed, stress-free, and welcoming, environment within the Guild,
  • Play as you want/no forced “Meta-builds” playstyle, (further explained below.)
  • Dungeons, Fractals, Strike Missions, (Raids*),
  • General PvE, Meta-events, and Map Completion,
  • Personal Story, Living World
  • PvE Guild Missions,
  • Achievements,
  • Small-scale WvW (Deso + WSR),
  • Guild interaction outside of the game.

(Note: We are not a raid-oriented guild. Although we have people interested in that type of content and story, it is not our main priority whatsoever. If you're looking for a guild with the sole purpose of raiding, other guilds may better suit your needs.)

Important Notice:
No matter if you're a veteran or new to the game,
we won’t force you into a certain playstyle.
Be it your time spent online, representing the guild or playing a certain build, etc.
It’s all up to yourself.
We give our members the freedom to Play as they want.

This means the following:

  • Time spent online:
    We understand many have their lives to live and families to care for. It’d be insane if we’d get mad because your in-laws showed up, if you had to pay additional attention to your study, or if your son/daughter just woke up from their nap.
    Once you're a Seraphim we allow you to take breaks of up to 2 months.
    If you're expecting a break to last longer than 2 months we'll give you a retired rank to extend this period.
    Family and real life always come first.

  • Guild representation:
    We're aware several guilds require 100% representation, we don’t.
    Back in the day when Guild Influence as currency was a major thing representation was desired. This system is outdated and has been replaced with favor. You can still use the Guild’s chat, play with us, see who’s online etc. whilst representing another guild.

  • Play as you want:
    If you’ve always wanted to play a dual dagger necromancer, a longbow ranger, a hammer warrior or whatever. We’ll gladly give you the chance to.
    We do not hate or dislike the meta, we simply don’t live by it.
    This means that we do allow meta-builds, if this is what the individual player desires.
    We heavily discourage methods such as Line of Sight-Stacking (around a corner) and one-shotting bosses such as Lupicus.
    Further we'll gladly offer you any constructive feedback on your desired build for a character, if you so desire.
    We support creativity.

  • Out-of-game interaction:
    We do not ask you to register on forums or any other websites, nor is the use of voice chat mandatory.For those who'd like to interact with our members throughout the day, or whilst playing other games, a Discord chat is provided. This mostly exists for situations when you and your party simply feel like it, or for out-of-game social interaction/file-sharing.
    If you're interested in joining in on high-level fractals or the occasional Raid, we do advise to at least listen as typing strategies mid-fight can be somewhat challenging.

  • The expansions are not required:
    However, not having either expansion might limit yourself in some of the guild content.Although a lot of fun is to be had in the mainland of Tyria, sometimes we like to play in expansion-related content.
    (Note: 'play as you want' does not mean that you can troll around. The concept of 'play as you want' goes for everyone, and if you're simply not enjoyable to play with (trolling, forcing people to play your way, etc.) then others are not forced to play with you.

Our homeworld is Desolation.
Yet homeworld servers only matter these days for World v. World v. World.
A system of Mega-Servers has been introduced and because of that we can easily play together at all times.
All European worlds are shared and all North American worlds are shared in general PvE and PvP.
Because of this the only limitation would be not being European.

This system of homeworlds is currently being reworked by Arenanet and will further decrease in importance in the future.

Quality over Quantity
One of our goals is to focus on the quality of our Guild and its members, not the quantity.
We’d rather recruit a single kind player who has just begun the game and doesn’t know anything about Tyria than a group of 10 trolls looking to spoil the experience of others.

We have a limit of max. 100 members. (counting all ranks)
We believe this keeps the guild active enough whilst allowing players to be away for up to 2 months.
We want to have friends, not applicants who feel forced to log on because they otherwise get demoted to a kick-list or even straight-up kicked.

If you’d like a Guild of limited size, yet active enough to do PvE-content with, we hope you’ll feel at home with us.

Why are we recruiting?

We value the time our members spend on their lives outside the game.
We'd rather see you log on for a bit to unwind, than seeing your progress at your study or job deteriorate because of a game. This mindset has, over the years, attracted mostly those with steady jobs or studies, and naturally they cannot play all day, every day.

The guild is not inactive, but being a small community as we are, we meet certain limitations. Activity fluctuates and because of this certain forms of group content can end up being difficult to organize solely for guild members, thus requiring the invitation of PUG's. Most of us love meeting and interacting with new people, but PUG's don't always agree with our casual mindset. In Fractals they may demand meta-play; in Dungeons they may demand speed-clears and the use of gimmicks and minor exploits.

As such we’d rather have you join us so we can all feel at ease.

TL;DR We simply wish to boost our activity and play with people with similar mindsets.

The Guild largely focuses on PvE but various members of the guild do play PvP and WvW.
(Note: WvW in groups is mostly done on Desolation.)

Thank you for your time,

-Nero, and the entirety of the Order.

Guild: Seraphim order [Ankh]
World: Desolation, yet all may join.
Guild Hall: Gilded Hollow
Guild Level: 66
Contact: Nero Angelo (Nero.8047) | Discord: Nero #8016 | Reddit: Azure_Flames

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Hi!Are you still looking for members? I'm a new player - this is my first mmo in fact, so I may have some noob questions and misunderstandings haha I'm in the pacific timezone and typically play after work or on the weekends. I'm mainly looking for folks to do harder missions with or PvE, but open to trying WvW.My discord is: Maverick#4132GW2: Maverick.2786TIA!-Maverick

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Hey Maverick, although we've already spoken on Discord! ;)

Also to all:Ankh is currently closed again.Of course you can pm me in-game or on discord to see if a spot opened up, but right now we'd like to focus on our new members.I hope you all understand!

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