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The Boon System.

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Would have been nice if boons weren't tied to weapon skills and utilities, but were its own new mechanic similar to F skills on classes but above the utility slots.

Certain classes would have access to their own few boons ( thematically ) which they could share with party members within range on a 2 second or so Channelled activation.

These boons would last 15 mins or disappear on death. ( stability and resistance become like stances activated through old utility system on their typical short durations ).

This would not only reduce spam re-application coming from many different sources boons do, ( remove from passive traits also ), but will also reward boon removal plays during combat. ( removal methods rebalanced to be less passive ).

Then add 1 more utility slot that can only slot an offensive utility. ( so people can't just safe-pick 4 defensives ).

Some other balances would need to be tweaked around this, but this is the general idea.

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