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Returning player after five+ year hiatus, question on Ascended gear

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Hi everyone,

The quarantine had me get the urge to revisit old games and GW2 was one of them. I played for one day and was so happy with everything they added that I immediately purchased the HoT/PoF package.

Recently I finished the HoT story and am working on the PoF story. My goal is to get a full set of ascended Berserker and a full set of ascended Viper gear for my ranger.

I've watched youtube videos, and read some guides on metabattle, but I am still a little lost. Are these things I will eventually understand over time? It seems like there are a lot of moving parts and things to do to simply get one or two pieces.

I guess my question is where should I start? What is a good path to take towards full ascended?

I do not have living world season 3 or 4, is that something to save up for since metabattle says its really easy to get ascended trinkets and accessories from those maps? Is buying old living world seasons a good idea especially if new stuff comes out that is free and may offer the same rewards?

Sorry if any of these questions are noobish! Great to be back. Having a lot of fun.

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