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Which are mounts bounded to?

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Are mounts account bound or character bound? Suppose I were to delete the character that I obtained my mounts with, would they be gone? Or would they continue to be bound to the account? (I understand that all my other characters will also have mounts. But acting as if I deleted the character I got them with.) Just wondering and trying to be safe.

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Once something is unlocked for your whole account it's there forever, you can't lose it even if you delete the character that got it.

The one exception is items which are in their inventory or equipped by the character - if you delete them while they're holding anything the items will be gone too. But even then the skins will still be unlocked in the wardrobe.

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@Linken.6345 said:

@Ayakaru.6583 said:Unlocking a type of mount is a mastery, which all characters have access to, given they are level 80.Skins are part of the wardrobe, and equally so, unlocked for all characters

You dont need to be 80 to have access to masteries mate, to unlock them yes but not to access them after.

Yeah, I was using a mount when I rolled a new toon.

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