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Character Skin Glitch (Armor Glitch)

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My Character Nerzan Aldent - Server: Yak's Bend, has been experiencing a skin/armor glitch for a couple months now. Reference Support Ticket: 7650135. The current armor set shows a skin glitch directly related to the current armor equip. I have reinstalled the client on 2 separate computers and determined it is a universal code issue and not computer specific. I was hopping support teams would have looked into my issue. Any advice or suggestions are welcome. Thank you. [https://p19.zdusercontent.com/attachment/317231/6F8iCYqBdmC2BsmQ9Py0Dcfo6?token=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0..Vov1sMqCNR1PzrjKYDVjXg.9wvrZ7f6DKm4euG36a2D6WyJvVFTWIJK9cCIuDZ8VxBj_TRpoqP_kFmr9AIC1Xk-FRUxWp5YX_k4tB1Iu_q2s3dLt4DK2z88Xu0DF8djSuGGDhtDqBUCyuJyP2m_Buh16dQDdbwK6Iquevt9ezrWiYehZLz3EMCe-Rm3HT_SgpdW2w6s3nBmrjlp1ZDcgAf1JFI64V1OCRmW-8QRhsHrxUuktyQP-7dwfolzFm4p3_fuwdgQJZ75WAnMkjhtXrHW0ibwpNN0Jea28poN0uhsE4E52P7XfKzNzC49kZ_KxBE.zJDliT7tFRWZ2wdfj3GfCA]

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