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Is this still a thing? [karma]

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So I found this post on karma related reddit topic and I was wondering if the info is still viable?!

@"unknown reddit user" said:you can exchange karma into gold by buying cloth gloves from a karma vendor in bloodtide coast, mystic forge the gloves and salvage the items you get back. Every 100k karma equals about 25 gold enough to buy some exotics. http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bram_Dawnrazer the karma vendor

Other karma to gold tips are welcomed :+1:

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It's still a thing in the sense that it's still possible to buy equipment with karma, throw it in the mystic forge and get back an item you can salvage (or sell directly) but I doubt it has the same gold value. This specific method was popular around 2015 when cloth (and especially silk) was much more expensive, around 2 silver per silk scrap.

You could do a similar thing with other materials, but I'm not sure which would be the most profitable currently. Also it involves a lot of clicking and gets pretty tedious if you're doing large amounts.

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Use Karma+Bjora Marches Ice Shards (also from strikes) to convert into seas 4 materials. Convert those into Trophies. Careful, prices are currently lower than in the past (https://gw2lunchbox.com/IstanShipments.html).

This is limited to the amount of Eternal Ice Shards you can gain (a full chest run will yield around 400-500 per day, a full strike clear will yield another 400, gathering nodes until cap will add some on top per day) but will eventually drain Karma if done continually.

Otherwise care since Karma overall, while on veteran accounts often in the millions, is required in most items with episodes (minis, ascended gear from merchants, map resources, etc.) be careful not to drain your Karma reserves to 0, or be absolutely sure you want to do so.

The Karma to gold conversion with the Mystic Forge was never efficient, even while prices were higher for materials. It should always be a last option, or best none at all. Also in 2015 there was a lot less reliance on Karma, which has changed since by adding Karma cost to many items on merchants.

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