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[EU/NA] [PVE] Infusing Terror (Auto) is a newly formed necromancer raid/strike guild!

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Following a large amount of interest in a reddit post I made about a reaper build which could gain more life force than it loses due to degeneration and do 23k dps with nothing more than auto attacking in shroud and instantly double casting shroud 3 off cd, with a composition idea to make use of this build in 10 man content right after, I took it upon myself to gather those interested in trying it out in a discord server with the aim of organising some raids/strikes!

If the notion of a raid/strike squad composed only/mostly of necromancers (power reapers, aided by heal scourges who protect their shroud form with barrier) and maybe a single boon herald (mostly to provide permanent 10 man protection but also other useful stuff such as 10 man fury/swiftness and 150 ferocity to it's subgroup) appeals to you, then maybe this is the guild for you! Perhaps you just fancy something a bit different from the norm.

To anyone simply interested in a more relaxed raiding experience, or to newer/less skilled players who are interested in 10 man content, this could also be a great home for you as this composition was designed from the ground up with ease of use (all of the builds used are very simple to pilot) and safety in mind (the reapers have effectively 3 health bars (normal health, life force, barrier), all of which are constantly ticking back up under one another, and you have multiple heal scourges to get people back up if things turn south). Just be aware that aside from Raid Academy who attempted this idea right after my post (with trainees in tow) this is largely untested, they did however manage to kill the first 3 bosses of wing 4!

With it being a newly formed guild of random people who have a single binding factor in this necro comp idea, there is potential for it to flop as we have no established core community. This does however mean that you can be a part of the guild form the start and become a prominent member of the community should that matter to you.

We have both EU and NA players in the discord, with separate chat channels and rosters based on your region (you are welcome to partake in discussion that isn't from your region though) I am currently planning on using one guild for both servers, if there is a demand for separate guilds we can work that out too!

I will leave the reddit thread here so you can check out how this guild came to be!https://old.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/gukrhv/unlimited_power/

Should this guild appeal to you, join our discord using the link below!https://discord.gg/8RKWaB3

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Having now partaken in a few raid sessions, I can confidently say that this strategy is really rather effective!

Samarog is probably the easiest boss for our comp since we have an abundance of cc for his breakbar and our many low cooldown, 2 second duration fears make the split phase a breeze (sylvari racial grasping vines is also nice here). MO is an amusing encounter as we are able to let 3 soldiers reach the end of the board and turn on us but live through it quite easily! We had a rather terrible yet hilarious Cairn fight once where all but 4 of us died and the boss enraged with about 15% left, despite being unable to move we prevailed! We decided to do greens on VG as there is no real reason to keep the boss still due to the nature of our comp, We use a dire geared reaper to tank and a single sinister reaper (both take dhuumfire and cap out burn duration) to deal with red guardian, an overall easy fight for us since we have plenty of cc and boon hate. Gorse was tricky for us to start with (mostly due to orbs), we split into 4 groups to deal with the spirits and chill them as they move toward gorse (sylvari grasping vines and dagger 3 are nice panic buttons), reapers use axe to kill orbs when they can, we take the last updraft if need be, I suspect this will be an easy fight too now we have some experience on it. Sabetha, Sloth and Trio were all easy encounters with seasoned raiders who knew the mechanics well, don't have anything else to say about these 3.

All in all, our raid comp which is comprised only of extremely easy to pilot builds is more than able to take down many encounters and is a great way for people who are new to raids to learn and focus on mechanics since our 'rotations' require no attention.

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