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Ticket Response Times

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Given the amount of threads I'm seeing regarding this issue I may be re-creating the wheel, but I'm hoping to maybe get some attention on this.

I submitted a ticket 6 days ago now regarding character names that I need to access my old GW1 account. Before I knew the support teams were one and the same, I created another ticket on the GW1 support site. My mistake on that one.

What bugs me at this point, is that with both tickets I submitted all requested information, and while I haven't received any kind of response, my GW1 ticket was inspected and closed, so someone obviously saw it.

In the past customer service has been excellent, but right now it's pretty abysmal. I hate to be one of those people, but having worked in support myself, letting a ticket sit without any kind of acknowledgement for double the expected turnaround time is definitely not great. Further, If the forums are anything to go by, there've been people waiting a whole lot longer than myself.

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That's funny.

My ticket is now gone entirely from the My Tickets section of the support page.

No indication if it's been resolved or why it was removed. Historical tickets from 4 and 5 years ago are still there.

EDIT: Was moved to the GW1 Support page, makes sense, but some notice would be cool.

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